Moccasin Joe Ambush Products

On the West Coast Since 1975

To provide hunters with the highest quality Natural Urine Scents. No chemicals or synthetic additives, 100% natural urine scents. By an avid bow hunter for avid bow hunters, as well as gun hunters.

All scents are bottled in pharmaceutical-grade plastic, which is better than glass.

Gas barrier properties of the resin ensures product quality:

  1. Estrus fragrance/odor is retained indefinitely
  2. Longevity/shelf life - no spoilage / no souring
  3. Natural animal urine odor is preserved
  4. No odors escape, even skunk quill is sealed in
  5. No unpleasant odors escape like other manufacturers

Dealers note: Moccasin Joe products are the highest dollar return per square inch of shelf space in the industry.