Urine scents collected from our own animals. CWD monitored since 1998, no CWD

Attracting scents and lures are synthetic with additives duplicating fragrances of natural urine and estrus cycle.

Moccasin Joe Ambush Products Mission:

To provide hunters with the highest quality "Natural Urine Scents" and "Attracting Scents and Lures" to overcome game animals #1 defense against danger: their sense of smell.

All scents come in gas barrier plastic resin bottles which is better than glass.

Gas barrier plastic resin bottles ensure:

• Indefinite product quality longevity, shelf life and no spoiling or souring

• Natural animal Estrus urine odor is sealed in

• No escaping odors, even skunk odor is sealed in

• No unpleasant escaping odors escape like other brands

• Highest $ dollar return per square inch of shelf space because of the resource conscious packaging

On the West Coast Since 1975

By an avid bow hunter for both bow and gun hunters.

Highest dollar return per square inch of shelf space in the industry.